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                                                                                  About the photographer:
Although Gilles has always been keen on capturing life through camera and lens, his artistic endeavours really began with paper, pencils and brushes in hand.  Through drawing and painting he trained his eye for composition and the representation of fine details.  For the past few years, as an avid outdoorsman, his focus has moved to photographing Alberta's diverse natural world but his background really shows through as a wildlife fine art photographer.
Photography is all about light and capturing a subject under complimentary conditions.  It is also about catching any subject at a specific moment in time and life in its natural environment.  Gilles' images have an artistic and painterly feel to them but that is no accident: he is often out working with his camera while most would stay indoors.  His specialty is photographing the wild horses calling the Foothills of Alberta home but one will also find him out and about throughout the Province and beyond capturing images of other wonders. 
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